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Invaluable for generating new business and networking opportunities, Wealthmonitor identifies the people who could benefit from wealth-creating liquidity events.


It is the ideal first port of call for organizations serving the HNW community. Subscribers value Wealthmonitor’s proprietary HNW intelligence for both prospecting and networking. They use the service to find new HNW clients and to understand their existing client base in greater depth.


The team at Wealthmonitor comprises financial journalists and analysts with considerable experience in wealth management, corporate finance, and investment banking.


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We want to hire people who can come up with innovative ideas that will take Wealthmonitor to even greater success. If you're looking to grow your skills working for a niche company that serves the M&A market around the world, we'll give you a great opportunity to make a real difference.

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Start prospecting today with proprietary insight into upcoming liquidity events.Wealthmonitor’s global team of journalists report on current and potential liquidity events highlighting individuals who stand to benefit financially.